501 Area Code


State: Arkansas
Major City: Liitle Rock
Timezone: Central
Capital: Little Rock
Abbreviation: LIT

Area Code 501 – Arkansas State

501 Area Code has belong to Arkansas state of Southern America. The major city that is highly populated in 501 area code is Little Rock. It has central timezone. The major cities that are under 501 area code :- Little Rock, Adona, Albion, Alexander, Allport, Alread, Aplin, Arthur, Austin, Bald Knob, Barney, Baucum, Bauxite, Bayou Meto, Bear, Beaudry, Bee Branch, Beebe, Benton, Beryl, Beverage Town, Bigelow, Bird Town, Bismarck, Blakemore, Blue Hill, Blue Mountain, Blue Springs, Bonnerdale, Booker, Botkinburg, Bradford, Bredlow Corner, Brewer, Brown Springs, Brumley, Bryant, Buckville, Butlerville, Butterfield, Cabot, Cammack Village, Casa, Catholic Point, Cato, Center Ridge, Central City, Cherry Hill, Choctaw, Clay, Cleveland, Clinton, Cobbs, College Station, Conway, Coy, Crabtree, Crystal Hill, Culpeper, Cypress Valley, Dabney, Damascus, Davenport, Deberrie, Dennard, Dewey, Divide, Donaldson, Doniphan, Durian, East End, Eden Isle, Edgemont, Eglantine, El Paso, Enders, England, Enola, Enright, Estes, Euclid Heights, Fairbanks, Fairfield Bay, Fenter, Ferda, Floyd, Formosa, Fountain Lake, Fourmile Hill, Friendship, Furlow, Galloway, Garland Springs, Garner, Genevia, Georgetown, Geridge, Gibson, Gifford, Gleason, Glen Rose, Gobblers Point, Gold Creek, Gold Lake Estates, Gravel Hill, Gravel Ridge, Gravesville, Greenbrier, Greers Ferry, Griffithville, Guy, Hamiter.


Arkansas on US Map Image – Area Code 501501 Area Code Map Arkansas


Arkansas is a U.S. state which has 501 Area Code allocated is in southern United States of America. It is bordered by the Louisiana to the east, h,Tennessee and Mississippi to the south, Missouri to the north, and Oklahoma to the west. Capital of Arkansas is well known and popular city that is Little Rock. The citizens of the state are known as Arkansasans. Arkansas has rich diversification in its geography, this state is basically divided in two parts one is northwest half and other one is lowlands of southeastern half.

Little Rock Capital of Arkansas – Area Code 501

501 Area Code Little Rock Arkansas

Arkansas is evolved and very diversified state now as compare to earlier it has a cashless society in uplands.As tourist is a good source of income for economy thats why focus on tourism plays an important role in any state. So Arkansas also focused on tourism and there are many place that are famous places to visit in Arkansas like Hot Springs National Park, Whitaker Point, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, Buffalo National River, Mammoth Spring State Park,Crater of Diamonds State Park, Mount Magazine State Park, and there are many more historical and archaeological monuments and places are there.


501 Area Code Buffalo River Roark Bluff Arkansas

501 Area Code Arkansas State

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