670 Area Code



State: Northern Mariana Islands
Major City: Saipan
Timezone: Eastern
Capital: Capitol Hill, Saipan
Abbreviation: CNMI

Area Code 670 – Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

670 Area Code has belong to Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands that is insular area in united states among the 15 islands in the northwestern pacific ocean. The major city that is highly populated in 670 area code is Saipan. It has Eastern timezone. The major cities that are under 670 area code :- Rota, Aguijan, Saipan, Tinian.

Northern Mariana Islands on US Map – Area Code 670

670 Area Code Map

Northern Mariana Islands is a island in united states which is located in northeastern pacific ocean which has 670 area code allocated is in northern part of north United States. Island means a thing regarded as resembling an island, especially in being isolated, detached, or surrounded in some way. Capital of Northern Mariana Islands is well known and popular city that is Capitol Hill, Saipan. Northern Mariana Islands has rich diversification in its geography, the southern islands are limestone, with level terraces and fringing coral reefs. The northern islands are volcanic, with active volcanoes on several islands, including Anatahan, Pagan, and Agrihan.

Tourism of Northern Mariana Islands – Area Code 670

Saipan, is the largest islands of the commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands. The Commonwealth’s center of government is located in the Capitol Hill thats a village on the island. As tourist is a good source of income for economy thats why focus on tourism plays an important role in any state. So for Northern Mariana Islands also focused on tourism and there are many place that are famous places to visit in Northern Mariana Islands like Mt.Tapochao, The Grotto, Managaha Island, Puntan Sabaneta, Chulu Beach, Tachogna Beach, Taga Beach, Atomic Bomb Pits, Suicide Cliff (Tinian), House of taga and there are many more historical and archaeological monuments and places are there.

670 Area Code Northern Mariana Islands

670 Area Code Northern Mariana Islands

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