– Activate AmericanExpress Card American Express is also known as Amex. American Express is an American multinational financial service. The company was founded in 1850. This company (American Express) is one of the popular and majorly swiping credit cards in the United States (US). – Activate AmericanExpress Card

After receiving a package from AMEX (American Express) every customer needs to activate their credit card. For activation official site is – Activation methods

There are two ways by which any customer who has already got their package of the card can verify their cards. Customers can either verify American express cards by phone or by online procedure. You can choose the way which you find more convenient as we are going to explain the steps for both.

How to activate your AmericanExpress card online?

Steps mentioned below for activation of American express online. The information that will be required during this is mentioned below:

  1. Your American Express card / Apex card (Information mentioned on it will be needed)
  2. Your email Id
  3. Your personal information like name, address, phone number, etc
  4. Account AMEX or American express official website (If you don’t have an account register over there). – Steps for activation of AmericanExpress (AMEX) card

  • Step 1. Open your browser and type and it will be loaded. Make sure you have an internet connection.
  • Step 2. After the whole window loads, you will be asked to login into your AMEX account.
  • Step 3. After login, you will see “Enter your details to set up your new card”
  • Step 4. Follow the statement and enter all details that we have mentioned above already and after that click on confirm.

www americanexpress com confirmcard

How to activate your AmericanExpress card by Phone procedure?

This most commonly used method and most people who are not familiar with the internet use this. In this method, you have to make the call on 1-800-362-6033 and after connecting the call customer agent will guide you for further steps you have to follow those steps. FAQs

  • Question: How can tracking bills and transactions be done through the AMEX App of American Express?

Answer: You can download the mobile app after login go to the statement section, and look for your selection of current statement or previous statement and then click on link to download the statement as PDF File.

  • Question: What will happen if my card is lost, will I be going to charge for the transaction which I have not made?

Answer: All customers of American Express are covered with Fraud Protection Guarantee as per their mentioned rules. You can be more clear about it by going to the nearest branch or by calling any phone banker.

  • Question: When I can use my card after activation of the Americanexpress/confirmcard?

Answer: You can immediately use your card after activation.

  • Question: How can I confirm my card is activated?

Answer: You can check the status of activation on your online account or in your mobile app.

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Facing any issue in AMERICANEXPRESS Credit/Debit Card Activation Process

If you face any issue while registering process then you can contact the customer service number that is: 1-800-419-3646.

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