– How to Activate Discover Card – Activate discovers credit cards you have to go through some process. Some people find it difficult to activate their card but it’s easy to activate the card. To help you, people, we have mentioned some steps to be followed for the activation of your card. – How to Activate Discover Card

It’s really easy to get your card activated. The major steps to activate your card are two ways. You can activate your discover card online or by phone. To activate your card by any step you have to keep your card in hand and also some general and basic information about your account for the verification of your card and for the confirmation of your identity.

Activating your Discover Credit/Debit Card by Phone –

Activating your card by phone is the easiest way. You just have to call the number attached with a sticker on the back of your card or sometimes the number is printed on a letter by which you have received the card.

To make the process easy for activation, call from the registered mobile number of your account. For the verification, you will be asked your account number and some basic information. Go with the flow and answer the questions of the issuer and your card will be activated. Activating your Credit or Debit Card Online

Activating your card online is also a simple method and here you don’t need to dial any number and listen to the automated menus. You just have to go to the discover card activation page and login into your account if you already have a created one.

Discover com activate

If you don’t have an existing account then choose the option of “without logging in”. If you choose the option without logging in then you have to provide some information like your 16 digit card no and its expiration date, your birth date, and the last 4 digits of your SSN. After this, you have to type a code of 3 digits which will be there on the back of your card. After completing the above process click on “continue” to activate your card.
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Discover com activate FAQs

  • Question: What is Discover Card Activate number?

Answer: You can activate your discover credit card by calling 866-847-2350.

  • Question: When we can use the card after activation of the Discover card?

Answer: You can have all the benefits of the card just after activation of the card.

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