– Green Dot Prepaid Card Activation – Activating your new green dot card requires registering process of the card. The green dot is a company that provides prepaid debit cards and secure credit cards. They are very popular for their ease of use and simplicity and trusted process. – Green Dot Prepaid Card Activation

As you know there is the process of activation of credit cards over the phone which is very common for users. Green dot due to security reasons does not allow users to activation of green dot card over the phone. - Green Dot Card Activation

There are two types of cards and their activation process is mentioned below by us:

  • 1. Platinum Credit Card
  • 2. GreenDot Debit Card

Activating a GreenDot debit card

There are some steps by which you can do your registering process. They are easy steps before following them check the below list it will be required while following steps.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Keep your card with information on the card will be required

Step 1. Open your browser and enter to start your process of activation. You will see a lock sign just ahead of the site URL in your browser means this is a secure page. By secure page, it means your information will be going encrypted so only a green dot will be able to go through the information.

Step 2. On this site, you will be prompted and asked for card details. Enter the card number, Expiration date, and CVV. 16 digit card number will be on your card provided by the green dot package. 3 digit security code will be written on the card behind it. The expiration date will be mentioned.

Step 3. Continue by clicking on the continue/Next button and it will be redirected to the next screen if you have entered details correctly. In case if you receive any issue go through your provided details and cross-check it might be something you have entered wrong. Still, if everything is correct from your end and you still getting issues then call the customer care number or number written backside of your card.

Step 4. In this step, you will require your personal details so that company can cross-check yes its you who are doing this process. As you have already entered your card details correctly that’s why you are in the next step. We have already mentioned details that will be required here like Name, Address, Date of birth, Mobile Number, Social Security Number.

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Activating a GREENDOT platinum credit card

All steps and information required will be almost the same as above mentioned in Steps for activation of green dot debit card. The only change is that you have to go to the green dot platinum site. Green dot platinum site:

Information required for this are mentioned below:

  • Your green dot platinum credit card. (Information mentioned on it will be needed)
  • Your personal details. (Name, Address, Mobile number, zip code) – Still facing any issue while activation of GREENDOT Credit/Debit Card

While doing your activation of the card, if face any issue or error then here we have mentioned green dot customer service number: 866-795-7597.

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