Activate Bank of America Credit Card or Debit Card

Bank of America corporation popularly known as Bank of America or “BofA” is a multinational bank and financial services company. Its headquarters is in Charlotte. It is the 2nd largest banking institution in the US and chase is holding 1st Position.

Its major focused financial services are commercial banking, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking. ISIN code of Bank of America is US0605051046. It was founded in 1998 with the merger of Bank of America and NationsBank.

Activate Bank of America Credit Card or Debit Card

The founder of Bank of America is Amadeo Giannini. This bank has many products to offer their customers like Customer banking, corporate banking, insurance, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, private equity, wealth management, credit cards. In this part of the blog in, we are going to discuss how to activate the credit card of Bank of America. Here you will come to know different processes.

Bank of America Activate Card

Bank of America com Activate Debit Card

When you apply for your Bank Of America credit or debit card, after the completion of the process of card you’ll receive the card via post. But for the use of that card, you’ll need to go through the activation process of that card. For activation of that card, you need to follow the below steps. There are two major steps for the activation of the card and that is online or by phone. To activate your Bank of America credit or debit card go through the following steps.

As mentioned above there are two steps to be followed for the www bankofamerica com miuiadebitcard –

Bank of America Card Activate by phone

to activate your card by phone you have to keep your personal information ready which will b asked during the activation. then for the activation call Bank of America at 8002769939. later enter your information when asked. Information like your phone number or your SSN no i.e social security number also your zip code. After this process, your card will be ready to use.

Bank of America Activate Card by Online – Bank of America Card Activation Number

for the online activation of your card, you have to go to the bank of an American login page and login into your account(create a new account if you do not exist already). After your login, you will be asked for some of your personal information for verification.

You’ll be asked for your SSN number and also the 3 digit code which will be given at the backside of your card. In this way, you can easily activate your card.

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Facing any issue during activation

If any kind of issue occurs for the activation of your card during the above-mentioned processes you can also contact the bank of America customer service. The bank of America customer service number is 18007329194.

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