www.globalcashcard.com/activate Login – How to Activate Global Cash Card

www.globalcashcard.com/activate – Once you apply for your global cashcard you receive your cash card via post after the completion of the card process by the bank. Now after receiving your card that card is not ready for use. To use your global cash card you have to go through some process for the activation of your card.

www.globalcashcard.com/activate Login – How to Activate Global Cash Card

There are different processes for activating your global cash card. You need to follow this activation process so that your card cannot be misused by any other sources. Below I have mentioned the steps. It’s easy and simple to follow n after the activation your card be ready for use.


How to Activate Global Cash Card

There are 2 simple and easy ways of activating your global cash card. you can activate your global cash card with your phone. you can also follow an online method. both ways of activation are easy to follow you just have to go through the below-mentioned steps.

Activating your global cash card via phone

There are many people who prefer to activate their cards offline. you could be one among them. so it’s easy to follow this method. you just have to call a toll-free number to activate your global cash card. Before calling this number you have to keep some of your basic information ready which will be asked to you during the call for activation of your card. call on the number 18663959200 to activate your card.

This number is a customer service number. After calling this number you will be asked for some general information that you have filled for your account. Information like your date of birth, your name, your SSN(social security number), your registered mobile number, and so on.After calling this number and following the above-mentioned steps your card will be ready to use.

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Activating your global cash card online

For the online activation of your global cash card, you first have to be ready with all your general and basic information. After that, you have to visit the global activation site which is www.globalcashcard/activate.

After opening this site you will be asked whether you have your card with you, you just have to click on the yes button. After this, you have given them your card number and expiration date. for more security and to let them know that you are not a robot you have to go through a reCAPTCHA process so they come to that you are a human.

www.globalcashcard.com/activate login page

After this process, you have entered your username and password and also a 4 digit pin for your security. you have to remember that pin because it will be necessary every time to use your card. After this click on the activate button and your global cash will b ready to use.

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